Poor Lidle Bugga

When in Alor my wife and I taught some Australian slang to our young friend Karel including this translation of "Kasihan".


Alor Earthquake Appeal

The Red Cross has spent the last week getting emergency supplies to Alor as well as assessing the medium term needs of the people there. They have calculated that they need a further €340,000 for the next three months and have launched an appeal (PDF). See also this appeal update (PDF).

Clearing away rubble at house in Kalabahi
(Click on image for larger picture)

Red Cross meeting with house owner
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Other agencies have been in Alor including World Vision and Catholic Relief. I will add an entry about the work they are doing later this week.


There has been a new update on the Red Cross web site. Here is a picture of a road from that report. A road that we have travelled along many times before:

Road in Alor (Click on image for larger picture)

Roads are always being worked on and improved in Alor and else where in Nusa Tengara Timor. Unfortunately roads and bridges never stay in good condition for very long because the wet season will always seem to undo the work completed during the previous dry season. Many roads become impassible for long periods during the wet season. And then there are constant earth tremors, earth quakes and land slides.


Alor Earthquake

Last Friday there was an earthquake on Alor - a place close to Louise and my heart. At the moment 25 people have died and 108 are severely injured. But the main concern we have at the moment is for the thousands of homeless with the imminent onset of the wet season.

The main purpose of this blog entry is to point out the work that the International Federation of the Red Cross is doing and the fact that they have acted very swiftly - being the first to arrive with aid in Alor. They have a detailed situation report (PDF) listed on their appeals page and infact all media reports have been coming through their Indonesian Red Cross office.

The Red Cross has quickly set aside 100,000 Swiss Francs for aid for Alor and are considering whether an appeal is necessary. So I guess the next time they come knocking at my door I will be giving generously!

During this time in Alor electricity has been out to most of the island (well most of the island doesn't have it) but the people in the Telekom office have managed to get their office phones working and then the mobile network up and running. So we have been getting news via SMS messages from Alor. Fortunately people we know are safe and well but are living outdoors.